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Pets of the month


Say hello to Pepito, Loui, and brothers, Alfie and Moose; our November pets of the month.

Get to know all about their favourite activities, toys, treats and special talents below.

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Pepito the Pug

Pepito is a black male four-year-old pug who is the perfect companion, and a loyal friend. Pepito has an even and stable
temperament, great charm, and an outgoing, loving disposition.

Favourite activities: Pepito loves walks and getting a chew treat each Friday. He’s a massive fan of his night-time head massages.

Favourite toy: What’s left of his bear since a puppy. It is now a piece of fabric that he snuggles with and sucks on each night after his risotto dinner.

Favourite treat: Pepito is very fond of the small bite of Mersey Valley cheese he receives on occasion.

Alfie and Moose the Chocolate Labradors

Alfie is a very well-behaved 3.5-year-old boy who knows lots of commands and has a sweet, nurturing personality. His brother, Moose, is a five-month-old puppy who is an absolute terror. Moose loves anything to do with annoying Alfie and his fellow humans.

Favourite activities: Both Alfie and Moose are water babies who love daily swims at the beach and in their own doggy pool at home. They also love walks and must be taken for one every day.

Favourite toy: Alfie loves balls, extra points if they’re squeaky. Moose just likes anything Alfie has…

Loui the King Charles Cavalier X French Bulldog

Loui is a bundle of energy and curiosity. With his expressive eyes and floppy ears, he’ll melt your heart in an instant. Loui loves to explore and has mastered the art of backyard escapes. Whether it’s digging under the fence, squeezing through small gaps, or just finding creative ways to climb over obstacles, he can’t resist the call of adventure.

Favourite activities: Backyard escapades, fetching games, zoomies, belly rubs, exploring new sights and scents, and sunbathing in the grass.

Favourite toy: Loui’s Rattly Rhino has been with him since the beginning of his rescue pup days, offering a sense of familiarity and security.

Favourite treat: Loui’s eyes light up at the scent and taste of meaty dog treats. Natural meat strips, beef dog treats, pigs ears – you name it!

Special talent: Balancing on his back legs to get food is impressive.

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