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NSW Ambulance teams save lives during GoodSAM app trial


A new app is being labelled a lifesaver after community members were kept alive by NSW Ambulance teams during its six-week trial. 

GoodSAM is an alert system issuing callouts for those registered to perform chest compressions in an emergency situation. 

More than 9,000 people experience an out of hospital cardiac arrest in NSW every year.

It is often unexpected and, for every minute a patient doesn’t get chest compressions, also called Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), their chances of survival fall by 7-10%. 

By signing up to the free GoodSAM app, those trained in CPR can assist others in need, and ultimately save lives. 

Minister for Health Ryan Park said the GoodSAM program would give people who were in cardiac arrest a better chance of survival by alerting nearby registered community members who were prepared to perform CPR.

Three lives have already been saved through an initial six-week pilot involving 1,600 NSW Ambulance clinical and corporate staff, who volunteered as GoodSAM responders. 

cardiac arrest
NSW Ambulance

GoodSAM is integrated with the NSW Ambulance Triple Zero (000) dispatch system and connects volunteers to patients in the critical first minutes of a cardiac arrest until paramedics arrive. 

Those who are willing and able to perform CPR, and are aged 18 or older, can sign up to receive alerts when someone needs help. 

GoodSAM will also show the location of nearby publicly accessible defibrillators that have been registered with GoodSAM. 

Last year, a global network of 1.5 million GoodSAM volunteers helped save the life of a cardiac arrest patient on average every three minutes. 

By registering as a GoodSAM volunteer, volunteers could keep fellow community members alive until paramedics arrive. 

‘Every minute counts’ – NSW Ambulance. 

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