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Sunday, July 25, 2021

Newy Rides welcomes new free m-app

Newy Rides is gearing up for a more independent way for cyclists to see the city.

Partnering with e-bike sharing platform BYKKO and FreeGuides, the Newcastle-based bike tour group is releasing a free self-guided way to explore the best of the former steel city.

The mobile phone app offers easy to use navigation, complete with up-to-date COVID restrictions, video, audio and images.

By opening the FreeGuides app on their mobile phones, visitors to the former steel city will be able to search Newy Rides, access a short tuition, find where to locate their e-bike and saddle up for a unique ride around Newcastle.

Newy Rides owner Ben Ogden says the platform, described as ‘Uber but for self-guided tours’, will offer a free alternative to city tourists.

“My goal is to showcase Newcastle for the great place it is, to as many people as possible,” he said.

“Even if they aren’t riding alongside me on one of my regular tours, it’s important I can give something away for free for them to discover their own version of Newy.”

Mr Ogden says the app is designed to be easy to access and simple to use.

“The idea is for people to arrive in Newy, open the app, find our tour and be able to get access to a BYKKO e-bike and ride in a matter of minutes.

“Outside is free, and now touring Newcastle by bike is in the palm of your hand.”

The Newy Rides tour is a collaboration with Newcastle-based electric bike share company BYKKO, which was recently given a two year extension to its bike-sharing program. 

The FreeGuides app will launch July 1.

Go to https://freeguides.app/link/A5nF for more details.

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