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Sunday, April 18, 2021

Newcastle TikTok superfan grabs Subway’s attention

Novocastrian James Lieschke won’t be going hungry anytime soon.

The TikTok star recently caught Subway’s attention when he coined the phrase “another day, another Subway” following the regular “unwrapping” of his daily lunches.

Now, the global sandwich giant has presented the self-confessed superfan a year’s worth of free subs.

Lieschke currently boasts more than 53,000 followers on his TikTok account @jvamesl, with one of his habitual dining videos clocking up in excess of 450,000 views.

It’s made him a celebrity in his own right – in his hometown of Newcastle and beyond.

Subway then surprised Lieschke with a gift he’ll never forget, delivering a golden-ticket one-year supply of his favourite sangas.

He also received a Subway swag, including a custom-made #anotherdayanothersubway singlet, and a Subway-themed skateboard.

The company’s public relations manager, Amanda Templeton, said fans’ adoration of Subway was unmatched.

“We love to reward our superfans,” she added.

“His enthusiasm can’t help but bring a smile to your face.

“And, what better way to do it than to help James continue ‘another day, another Subway’?

“We’ve now crowed him as the official ambassador for ‘another day, another Subway’.

“So, we hope James will bring a smile to many more faces.”

Lieschke isn’t the only Subway superfan who has come to light in recent months.

A New South Wales couple hosted their own Subway-themed wedding in October.

Why does the brand have so many devotees?

James Lieschke.

“Subway believes it has a lot to do with its Eat Fresh mantra,” Ms Templeton said.

“Eating fresh is not just about having freshly-sliced salad on your Footlong – it’s a way of life.

“Our fans aren’t only passionate about their food.

“Of course, they love that they can have their favourite sub made exactly the way they like it.

“But, they love that the brand represents a bold confidence in approaching the world around them, too.

“Subway plays a role in many people’s everyday moments.

“Whether that’s the mouth-water lunch you’re craving, the cookie savoured over afternoon tea or an easy and healthy dinner on the run.”

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