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Thursday, March 4, 2021

New program to help the transition to university

For Year 12 students, this year has been more challenging than expected.

Many high school teachers have expressed their concern that students might not be as prepared as they should be for the transition to university.

In response, the University of Newcastle has created NUPrep Plus, a preparation program for domestic students starting their studies in 2021.

Students will participate in orientation activities where they can meet other commencing students as well as academic mentors.

“This came out of discussions about ways to respond to students who are commencing degrees, in recognition that this year has been disruptive,” said Dr Anna Bennett from UON.

“Everyone is stressed particularly people trying to study and those learning online,” she said.

“It’s a way of responding to students who think they might have some gaps in their learning or may not feel fully prepared.”

Available online and on campus, the program offers orientation opportunities, free bridging and refresher courses, discovery sessions to learn how to set goals and peer and academic mentoring.

 “We looked at our existing preparation courses and we know those who take them perform better than students who don’t take them,” Dr Bennett said.

It also gives students the chance to meet other students and the academic staff that will be teaching them in their degrees.

“It’s exciting when you start uni, but daunting, this year even more so,” Dr Bennett said.

“We are looking at upping that confidence factor.”

 Students can register their interest here before 20 January, 2021 to commence the program 1 February, 2021.