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Thursday, January 28, 2021

New exhibitions for Maitland Regional Art Gallery

The work of two young artists who share their ideas of nature, time and our place on the land is gracing Maitland Regional Art Gallery.

When Night Falls is an exhibition by Anna Louise Richardson that explores the complex relationship between rural Australians, the environment, and ecological responsibility.

The work features expertly executed drawings based on her experiences working on a seventh generation family farm in rural Western Australia. 

The exhibition is also part memoir; it reveals the artist’s personal grief with the loss of her mother and her experiences navigating family, generational connections and her own relationship to the land. 

Award-winning local artist Shan Turner-Carroll’s exhibition Bodies on a Rock draws on work made while living in New York and Iceland.

The works include photographic images from a 24-hour personal pilgrimage, where the artist followed the sun and moon with a mirror through the streets of New York City. 

The other aspect of this exhibition includes films and sculptural objects produced in 2016 inspired by the artist’s encounter with unfamiliar landscapes.

Maitland Regional Art Gallery Director, Gerry Bobsien, said the two exhibitions were well received and appreciated by attending visitors over the weekend.

“Presenting the work of artists like Turner-Carroll and Richardson goes to the heart of what we do at Maitland Regional Art Gallery,” he said.

“These are two very generous, creative and empathetic artists, and we’re sure many of the themes and subjects used in their work will resonate with our community.’”

Both exhibitions will be around for visitors to enjoy until Sunday 15 November.

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