New book series to take young readers on an adventure


A new book series is set to inspire young readers with a story about friendship that’s full of adventure.  

Pepper Creek Ponies, written by Newcastle-based author Jess Black, follows the lives of three young girls and their time at pony club.

The first book in the series explores the story of Abby, who moves from the city to the country and has to adapt.

She joins the Pepper Creek Pony Club in the hope of making some new friends, human or horse.

Abby quickly realises that being a horse-girl is harder than she thought.

“They’re very much inspired by my childhood and years in pony club and owning horses,” Black said.

“They’re really lovely stories about friendship and the connection between a person and their horse.

“They’re also a lot of fun, they take the reader on a good adventure.”

Black adds that the illustrations by Serena Geddes give the books some extra magic.

The series is being published by Scholastic and Black says it feels like she has come full circle after working there many years ago.

“I had a role with Scholastic, I worked there 18 years ago as an editor, so it feels full circle to be doing this series with them, when I left, I left to become a writer, so it just feels like perfect timing,” she said.

“I always loved reading and I had a career with children in theatre and television, so it was just a natural progression to writing.”

Black has authored a number of other series including Kitty is Not a Cat and Little Paws.

Pepper Creek Ponies will be launched this weekend on Saturday 13 February from 9.45am at the Hudson Street Hum as part of the New Annual festival.

Black says attendees can expect an exciting workshop that includes a writing and illustration activity for kids.

For more information, go to the Hudson Street Hum website.