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First National Altitude
First National Altitude

Natalie Murray: My Favourite Things

Hunter-based author Natalie Murray, daughter of Aussie football icon Les Murray, has released a highly anticipated sequel in her young adult Tudor romance trilogy.

A self confessed Tudorphile, Natalie is fascinated with a time she describes as “just high-octane drama”, and imagined what it would be like for “somebody like me transporting myself back there with modern day experiences”.

Emmie and the Tudor Queen is set in a fictionalised Tudor period, following teenager Emmie as she goes back in time and falls in love with a young king.

This novel spends more time in the Tudor period observing Emmie’s new life. Natalie encourages budding authors to “practice, practice, practice”, recognising that “it can be daunting to write a novel for the first time, so please keep going. It‘s like running a marathon – don’t look back”.


One of my favourite countries to visit is Italy, particularly Rome and the Amalfi coast. Italy is the place I would go if I ever needed to disappear. My soul feels at peace there.

Reading Romance Novels

Reading young adult romance. I love things that delve into firsts – the first touch, the first kiss, the first hand holds, it’s such an intense time and something I never get tired of writing about.

My Family

I have two children, a five-year-old and an eight-year-old, and a Canadian husband. I lived away from my extended family for 10 years whilst I was in Hong Kong, so it’s lovely that the children are around some of their grandparents, as has brought some peace to my heart that I didn’t realise was missing.

Salsa Dancing

I walked into salsa dance class at 17 by mistake, and I was offered work at the end of the class by the teacher as I picked it up so quickly. If I hear rhythm of salsa, I feel an urge to dance that I can’t quite explain given I have no latin roots.

The Water

Being near water, being near the beach and the lake is very soothing to me, even though I’m not an ocean swimmer and haven’t driven a boat. Where I see or feel water I feel at home – on a soul level I’m connected to the ocean.

First National Altitude
First National Altitude