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My Money Makeover: Newcastle mum saving women’s finances


She’d heard her mum say that the accountant would always speak directly to her dad, brushing her off as though finances were men’s business only.

Whether it was true or not, that was the catalyst for Charlestown-based businesswoman Jennifer Richardson to create Got Money Honey – a financial advice hub just for women.

Offering guidance on money matters such as budgeting, cashflow, debt management and investing, the mother-of-three hopes to empower women to better understand their own financial circumstances.

“Growing up I saw how ‘left in the dark’ my mum felt when it came to family finances,” Jen says.

“She felt silly when she would go to see her financial planner and couldn’t understand what he was talking about.

“That was in the early eighties but I think there are still so many women in that same position.”

A trained accountant Jen now uses her knowledge to help other women become financially savvy.

“I know the hardest thing when it comes to managing your money is feeling alone and feeling demotivated on the journey,” she says.

“Not only are women targeted by marketers more than men, but because of the gender pay gap they retire with less money but have a greater life expectancy.

“It’s important they feel empowered when it comes to their finances and that power comes with knowledge.”

Jennifer Richardson

Jen founded Got Money Honey in 2021 and this month she is launching an online personal finance course that will allow her to share her learning with more women. 

My Money Makeover is a self-paced webinar including five learning modules, nine downloadable financial tools, access to additional resources and an invitation to a closed social media support group.

The course commences on Monday, 9th May.

“The course is designed to help women achieve their money goals quicker and easier than ever before with all the tools they need to set themselves up for financial success,” Jen told Newcastle Weekly.

“Instead of just building a DIY course that just tells women what to do, I wanted to make sure it was inclusive, engaging and that it actually works.”

The mother-of-three knows all too well that changing habits and creating future spending and saving patterns is a process.

“There are many women that are struggling just to make ends meet at the moment. I have many clients that say to me ‘you’re so lucky you understand this Jen’

“I want to use what I’ve learned over the years to help women feel confident to make important decisions about their future, how to resist poor financial decisions and how to still enjoy treating themselves.”

Within the My Money Makeover course Jen offers tips on how to reduce spending, examines the psychology of why we spend, and offers tools on how to change any current negative mindsets about finances.

“We tell our children that they can achieve anything if they set their minds to it,” Jen says.

“And yet as adults we forget this about ourselves.

“Anyone can do a budget but this course will help women understand why they spend and that it’s not about not having the enjoyment of spending in life but setting themselves up for a better life.”

And a sneak peak into Jen’s biggest tips and hints?

“Set up a separate email address for marketers, all those subscriptions and offers then can’t clog up your daily feeds and this will remove the temptation to constantly shop online. 

“Buying your groceries online helps you stick to a budget and not impulse buy.”

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