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Mitch Revs brings kids’ dream toys to life in ‘inspiring’ project


One of the designs from the colouring in book, a Hungry Hungry Elephant
One of the designs from the colouring in book – Emmanual Hanna’s Hungry Hungry Elephant.

A helping horse that makes sick kids better, a funny ferris wheel, a hungry hungry elephant and Frank the sausage dog. 

While that list may seem strange to adults, for Starlight Children’s Foundation’s kids the items are their imaginations come to life. 

With the help of Newcastle-based artist Mitch Revs, the youngsters let their creative ideas fly to design their dream toys for a colouring in book. 

It’s all thanks to a partnership between Revs, Amazon and the foundation. 

“I was approached by Amazon to basically have a conversation with the Amazon Playmakers this year,” Revs said.

“They had reviewed the top 100 toys and had the task to sit down with me to then illustrate their most creative idea of a toy. 

“I was trying to pull out of them what they enjoy doing on the weekends, their favourite toy, their favourite foods and basically I had to bring their idea to life to turn it into a colouring in book.”

Revs adds the entire project was incredibly inspiring. 

“It was absolutely amazing, I got to chat to 10 different kids, it was just a magical experience,” he told the Newcastle Weekly

“It was a bit of a different process for me because when I usually work with a client they ask for me to bring the ideas to the table but this time I was able to let the kids do the thinking.

“It was more my job just to bring that creative idea to life so it was really really fun.

“[Also], to sit down with these kids, who are actually really quite sick, was very cool and inspiring for me.

“To see them be happy in that moment, that’s what creativity does, it pulls the best out of people.”

To top it all off Amazon will donate one dollar from every Amazon Playmakers Holiday Colouring In Book to the Starlight Children’s Foundation along with $40,000 worth of toys, games, crafts and gift cards.

Revs hopes that anyone who purchases the book uses it as a chance to switch off. 

“Colouring in books are a great way to just zone out and take time for yourself,” he explained. 

“I guess the world that we live in now days, it is all so fast paced and digital and kids are on all these digital devices so you know getting back to our roots and painting or putting colouring in pencils on a table and just colouring in the lines is great.

“They’re the things that we grew up on and it’s a shame that those things are slowly being lost.

“I think it is an incredible thing that these guys are introducing colour back into their lives.” 

When it comes to his advice for kids dreaming of becoming an artist, Revs says practice makes perfect. 

“I think the biggest thing about creativity is that it can be overwhelming not knowing where to start but the beauty about kids, especially at that age, is their imagination is running wild and they don’t seem to over think the concept,” he said.

“So, putting in the work is the main thing and I mean that, for kids, can just be creating all the time.

“It’s like anything the more you do the better you get at it.”

The Amazon Playmakers Holiday Colouring In Book goes on sale on Friday 26 November. 

To purchase, go to the Amazon website

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