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Matt and Brett: Middle seat turbulence


With the holiday season coming up, lots of us are going to be packing a bag and heading for the airport, but have you ever thought “am I a polite air traveller?”

Some of us become totally different people once we enter an airport.

Suddenly that calm, rational individual becomes an Olympic competitor, striving to be first to check in, first on and off the plane and all elbows at the luggage carousel.

At the other end of the scale, there’s the passenger who has already started their holiday, unaware of how much time they are spending updating check-in staff on every minute detail of their upcoming holiday.

While these people can be annoying, they can mostly be forgiven for their momentary lapses of consideration for others.

For us, the real impolite traveller is the one who doesn’t understand the middle seat etiquette.

We were on a four-hour flight a couple of weeks ago, where we had the window and middle seat, and the aisle passenger was definitely violating the middle seat rule.

So, we thought maybe it’s timely to remind everyone.

The middle seat is less than ideal.

Have you ever thought ‘am I a polite air traveller?‘

Matt and Brett

The window seat has a view and place to lean your head.

The aisle seat has extra leg room (for one leg at least) and free access to get up without disturbing others.

The middle seat on the other hand is the meat in the passenger sandwich and therefore deserves some extra concessions from their neighbours.

There’s really only one simple rule.

The window and aisle passengers only own 90% of their seat with the balance being given over the middle seat passenger.

This can most easily be delineated by giving up both middle facing armrests to the middle seat passenger and keeping the rest of your body within that 90% footprint (sorry boys, no manspreading allowed).

These simple concessions make all the difference to the middle seat passenger, especially on longer flights.

So, if you didn’t know you do now and this holiday season, be a polite traveller. Bon voyage!

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