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Man who murdered Carly McBride jailed 27 years


A martial arts expert who murdered his new girlfriend in a drug-affected “jealous rage” with “unrestrained brutality” before dumping her body in bushland has been jailed for 27 years.

Sayle Newson inflicted a significant degree of violence on mother-of-two Carly McBride when he brutally murdered her on 30 September, 2014, at Muswellbrook or elsewhere.

Justice Mark Ierace sentenced him to a non-parole period of 19 years and nine months in the NSW Supreme Court on Friday after the 44-year-old was found guilty in June by a jury during his retrial.

Ms McBride, 31, suffered 23 fractures to the head and another 13 to her ribs and back when attacked by the Muay Thai fighter who later boasted to police how he had won 20 out of 20 professional fights and been trained by world champions.

Justice Ierace said the way her body was discarded showed a “callousness to her dignity and an indifference to the suffering of her family”.

For 22 months, her mother agonised in anguish not knowing what had happened to her “best friend”.

Extreme force was used to extensively fracture her skull while another severe blow was delivered to her back using his fists, feet or a blunt force object, or a combination of all, the judge determined. 

“The injuries inflicted were extreme,” Justice Ierace said, in finding beyond reasonable doubt that Newson intended to kill his victim. 

Her body was found in bushland at Owens Gap, about 17 kilometres north-west of Scone, on 7 August, 2016.

There had been no attempt to bury or conceal the body.

The crown case was that Newson had become jealous of Ms McBride communicating with other men on Facebook, and became aggressive when taking drugs.

He admitted to police that he had been “up for days” taking ice preceding the killing.

Newson had dropped off Ms McBride at her ex-partner’s Muswellbrook home at 12.30pm on the day she disappeared before he later intercepted her as she was walking to meet him at the local McDonald’s.

He then murdered Ms McBride some time after 2pm before dumping her body.

“The killing of a woman by extreme physical violence prompted by jealousy and possessiveness warrants a significant amount of general deterrence,” Justice Ierace said. 

The circumstantial case against the Central Coast man was that he had the motive, opportunity and the martial arts skills to cause the brutal blows suffered by his victim. 

Police later found a map at Newson’s home where circles had been marked around Scone and Muswellbrook, while the location where Ms McBride’s remains were found was inside one of the circled areas.

Newson sent a Facebook message to another woman at 5.30am the day after the murder asking if she wanted sex.

The pair met up the following day and had intercourse.

A forensic psychologist found some abuse in his childhood had a causal connection to his jealousy and excessive emotional reactions, affording Newson a modest reduction to his moral culpability.

Newson maintains his innocence and is planning to appeal his conviction.

He claims his partner could have been robbed and killed by a stranger or her ex-partner might have been involved.

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