Lyn’s brave shave


A rare blood condition forces Lyn Twaddell to travel to Newcastle twice a week for treatment.

The Rutherford resident was born with a genetic disorder known as G6PD deficiency, which causes red blood cells to break down, while she also suffers from a condition that produces high iron levels.

Over the years, Lyn has come to rely on the Leukaemia Foundation’s generosity.

“I’ve had so many blood transfusions and I’ve got to get medicine to remove iron because it’s up too high,” she says.

“The foundation takes me down [to Newcastle] and back home every Monday and Friday.

“They help me out, so I decided to do the same for them.”

True to her word, Lyn took part in the World’s Greatest Shave at the Maitland Neighbourhood Centre last Friday.

She initially aimed to raise $350 for the Leukaemia Foundation but has more than doubled that goal.

Maitland Neighbourhood Centre manager, Sarah Adams, says Lyn is a regular visitor to the non-profit organisation.

“Lyn has been a part of the centre’s community for years,” Ms Adams says.

“She, and her mum, come along for different groups and activities that we offer.

“When she decided to shave her head [for the foundation], we gave her the room for that to happen.”

The World’s Greatest Shave celebrated 21 years in 2019.

People of all ages shaved, coloured, or waxed the hair on their head from 13 to 17 March to raise vital funds.

More than two million Australians have joined in over the past two decades, with an estimated 37,500 kilograms of hair removed in that time.

According to the foundation, 35 people across the country are diagnosed with a blood cancer each day, which accounts to one Australian every 41 minutes.

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