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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Kindness a key at Cardiff’s InFigur8 Studio

For seven years a little not-for-profit gym in Cardiff has been helping women become the best version of themselves. 

Called InFigur8 Studio, president Anne Finegan says it was founded by a group who wanted more control over their fitness and gym experience. 

“They wanted more variety in the exercises they did so they put in their own money and purchased equipment and set themselves up in the Cardiff Squash Centre,” she said.

 “From there we’ve just built up the numbers. 

“It’s a community based gym, so it is not-for-profit – all the fees and any money we raise goes into the running of the gym. 

“A key value of our work is that it provides that social connection for ladies and it is a safe friendly environment for women to come and exercise.

“Going into one of those big gyms can be pretty daunting but because our gym is focused on small group sessions, it feels more comfortable.” 

Offering a number of classes and an extensive array of equipment, the facility is very popular with its members. 

“We are not about getting our 18-year-old bodies back, it is about developing healthy exercise patterns,” Anne said.

“A lot of our members are long term members, they were here when we started and have stayed with us all this time, you’ll often hear the ladies say we love our little gym, I don’t know what I would do without it.”

Moving forward, Anne and the team are hopeful for the future after a challenging 2020. 

“It’s hard for a small gym like ours to compete with the larger gyms who can offer more but we’re doing well,” Anne said. 

“COVID was very hard but we had ZOOM classes –  the fact that we could survive the pandemic and still be here is a really good sign.”

She adds their main goal is to spread “a little more kindness and a little less judgement”.

“If you are feeling anxious about starting at a gym, consider us because we will welcome you with open arms,” Anne said.

“We will walk you through the process and make your fitness journey as comfortable and stress free as possible.”

Go to the InFigur8 Studio Facebook page for more information. 

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