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Sunday, January 24, 2021

Kim’s ‘loss’ a positive result

If anyone needs some inspiration to lose a kilo or two, then look no further than Kim Black.

The Anytime Fitness Rutherford manager is certainly a great advertisement for her chosen profession.

As the Hunter franchise prepares to officially re-open its doors on Friday 11 December, Kim’s enthusiasm and desire was undoubtedly on show for all to see.

“Five years ago, I was a full-time mother [of four] who had put on a huge amount of weight,” she said.

“I then joined a gym and, with the assistance of a personal trainer, managed to shed more than 40kg.

“So, as a result, I decided that I wanted to help others do the same.”

While still looking after her children, Kim completed personal training certificates, becoming a mentor herself at one of the largest franchises in Queensland, Goodlife Gym.

She also trained clients at Jetts Gym and World Gym before taking on her current position at Anytime Fitness Rutherford.

“I’m passionate about our gym,” she said.

“I love making it a place where people feel like they are a part of a community and receive the help and guidance to reach their desired goals.”

Even though most businesses adopted a “wait and see” attitude to investment when COVID-19 struck, Anytime Fitness Rutherford franchisee Grant Snow made a $600,000 leap of faith, backing his confidence in the Maitland area by committing to a major expansion and employment generating initiative.

He spent an estimated $400,000 on a building program that has seen the gym’s floor area almost doubled.

At the same time, he invested more than $200,000 in new gym equipment.

“I can guarantee the club’s 1100 members will be elated when they witness it for the first time,” Kim said.

“The gym is a decade old and was last refurbished five years ago.

“But, that was minor compared to this project.

“We have almost doubled in size, from 480m2 to 720m2, adding a huge 100m2 group training area, a new women-only training area and literally tones of the latest equipment.

“The bottom line is that we can now increase our membership from the present 1100 to more than 2000.

“To this end, we’re waving joining fees for newcomers on opening day.

“Anyone coming on board [on Friday] can sign up on the old rates.”

Grant added one of the most gratifying aspects of the expansion was the employment it had generated – and would continue to generate.

“In the past few months, we have created jobs for trades and services and now we ready to increase staff,” he said.

“We are looking to employ more personal trainers for the gym as well as people to run group sessions and classes like yoga.”