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Kickstart 2024 with a home declutter


New Year, new you, fresh start – they are all terms that tend to feature in the first week of a new calendar, but where do you start?

The home is a good place to pour that new energy in and if your Christmas gift collection contained a whole lot of new “stuff” then you’ll no doubt need to make space to store it.

But, where does the declutter process begin, what do you keep what has to go?

Here’s our top tips:

  1. A home for everything – Start by transferring items from where they’ve currently been dumped to where you hope they’ll find their new home. This way you can clearly see what needs to be allocated a space before latecomers destroy your storage plans. Don’t be disheartened if it looks overwhelming, remember this is the start of something that will make you feel so much better so try to stay positive.
  1. Learn to label – Make this year the one in which you save yourself time by having everything easy to find now that storage is labelled correctly. Whether it’s the pantry, the linen press or your craft cupboard, just like a name badge at a conference, labels save any unnecessary embarrassment or stress.
  1. ABC, 123 or follow the rainbow – How you store your items is completely up to you and comes down to wether you’re a colour, number or letter person. I’m a letter person who likes to write the name of items stored within, but many creative types can find order in colours, coordinating their wardrobe by hues. Then there’s the mathematically-minded among us who prefer a neat, numbered sequence to household goods. It all works.
  1. Out with the old – A new year is a great time to sort last season’s wardrobe with the benefit of hindsight. If you cant recall wearing an item last winter then perhaps its time to say farewell. Give it a wash, repair any damage and drop it at an op-shop nearby so someone else can give it a new lease on life. If you’re sure it still brings out the best in you then wrap it up with clothes protectors and store it in a clean, dry place ready for the cooler temperatures.
  1. Nooks and Crannies – Storage doesn’t have to be in the obvious places. Sure boxes, shelves, crates and cupboards are ideal for items not in use, but so too can alternative spaces. Think additional hanging spaces, above or below shelving, under the bed, an unused space – its all there waiting for you to utilise it.
  2. You got this – Like most projects, the reward is in the successful completion of the task, so keep going. Break the goal into small tasks and celebrate when you achieve them if this helps you stay motivated. Just think of how fresh you’ll feel when all your possessions have found a home.

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