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Keep fruit fly at bay


Well, it’s September and hopefully spring is here to stay as it is time to become enthusiastic about growing vegetables.
Did you let your vegie garden fill up with weeds during winter? If so, then your first job will be to dig out the weeds, add compost such as mushroom and cow manure, dig over well and leave for a week before planting.
Vegetable gardens need full sun to provide good crops, especially tomatoes, which many gardeners have already planted.
This brings me to the real problem of fruit fly, which isn’t a consideration at this point in time, but be prepared as when tomatoes begin to ripen the fly will attack.

The bed is prepared and planted. If you prefer an organic product, apply Neutrog Rocket Fuel – totally organic for tomatoes, vegetables and fruit.
If the small green grubs begin eating the plants, apply Tomato Dust regularly. If this doesn’t control the pests, spray with Tomato, Insect and Fungus Spray.
Once fruit becomes more mature, apply Flourish Vegie and Tomato fertiliser in the water on a weekly basis.
What next? When planting, use a timber stake and paint it with a mixture of Malathon and Vegemite – no particular ratio, just mix to a paintable past.

The female fly is attracted to the Vegemite and the Malathon kills her.
But, most importantly, today’s gardeners need to use Fruit Fly Traps to grow vegetables successfully in the summer, which contain a wick that can be replaced at reasonable cost.
I think it is worth all the effort for better flavoured fruit.

Spring growing isn’t restricted to tomatoes; it’s time to plant lettuce, basil, cucumbers, beans and, this year – courtesy of Oasis – purple carrots!

This week

  • Plant passionfruit in well-manured soil.
  • Apply Sugar cane and Saturaid to beds to prevent evaporation, especially in fruit and vegie gardens.
  • The soil should be warm enough to plant out corn.
  • Divide agapanthus now before flower canes begin to set, water well and apply Flourish.

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