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Jye Currie: My Favourite Things


After travelling in more than 50 countries, Jye Currie still chooses to call Newcastle home.

Born in the former steel city 29 years ago, Jye has always had a passion for the arts, sports and travelling.

In, 2019 he completed a Bachelor’s degree in Communication majoring in media production at the University of Newcastle. Following this he completed an Honours degree in Communication majoring in film in 2020. Before this time Jye spent many years travelling around his home country before venturing off around the world.

While completing missions trips in Africa, Jye Currie documented remote tribes in North Kenya. He backpacked for seven months across six continents photographing faces on the streets, climbing mountains in Nepal and Peru and immersing himself in different cultures. It was here that he strengthened his love and passion for storytelling.

In 2021 Jye founded the film production company Green Frog Productions which employs 90 people. The company has produced two films, winning 11 international awards for short film Victim and four International awards for Beat.

Beat was filmed and produced entirely in Newcastle – a deliberate move.

“To make a film here in my hometown is a dream come true, there’s something about working on a creative project in my hometown that just excites me.”

The young filmmaker will venture to America next year to tackle his second feature film but adds “Newcastle will always be home.”

Making movies:

I have always had a passion for film. Watching an entire story and experiencing deep learnings about life, while constantly being engaged for just a few hours is more than “just a movie” to me. The art form of filmmaking challenges while excites me more than I can describe. Spending my time doing this and being able to call it a career is definitely a dream come true.

My family:

Family is my life. I love spending time with loved ones, whether it’s weekends away, barbecues and drinks, or just sitting on the lounge and chatting, this time is always my most valued. No matter what happens good or bad my family are all their to listen and support, I couldn’t imagine life without them.


Sports have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. After many years of amateur boxing I chose to give it up and focus on my career. I now train every day focusing on long distance running and CrossFit. These two give me the rush of training I crave, while helping my physical fitness and health.

My Doggo (Bane):

All animals are just pure bliss in my eyes, especially dogs. Bane’s always happy to see me, always keen for a walk and just spreads nothing but pure love. I have had him now for three years, he’s one of my best friends.

Newcastle Habour Sunrise


Immersing myself in the ocean before the sun comes up gives me a connection to the earth and the universe in a very unique way. Not only is it fantastic for endorphin releases but it starts your day on the right step.

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