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Jess Farchione: Being bored is not something I cope well with


Enjoy being bored now because you’ll never know boredom again.

This little nugget is arguably the most confusing piece of advice I’ve received during pregnancy.

At the time of writing, I’m 38 weeks and have been on mat leave for a whole five days.

While I wouldn’t say I’ve reached “fury” on the Boredom Richter Scale, without my regular

routine of work and fitting everything else in around that, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t feeling a little untethered to the natural state of things.

As a lifelong sufferer of the condition (that I totally made up) called “boredom fury”, being bored is not something I cope well with.

It’s when an activity is so mind-numbingly void of any entertainment value that you genuinely get angry about it.

This is the difference between doing nothing by choice and being bored – that feeling that there is definitely something better you could be doing right now.

You’re stuck in a meeting that should’ve been an email with a colleague droning on and on about something you either:

a) already know, or

b) don’t give a rat’s about – but the way your mama raised you forces you to sit there and endure it as opposed to doing what you really want to do which is scream “LIFE’S TOO SHORT! I’M BORED AND OUTTA HERE!”

So, you silently hold on for dear life, trying desperately to remember that breathing technique for managing stress until whatever it is you’re trapped in is over.

Enjoy being bored now because you’ll never know boredom again.

Jess Farchione

If this does not resonate with you at all, I envy you fiercely and well done for finding the joy in the mundane.

But, how is someone like me meant to appreciate boredom over these next few weeks… before my world is consumed with something so all-consuming… like having a baby?

Someone messaged me on Instagram on day one of my maternity leave when I expressed these concerns and asked, “have you washed all the baby’s clothes?”

Babe, not only have I washed all her clothes, I’ve folded, re-folded, arranged and rearranged her bureau drawers four times already.

Thank God I keep changing my mind on whether the swaddles should be folded or rolled – because that’s eating up a good portion of my 2 o’clock hour.

I have honestly appreciated 99.9% of the advice and wisdom that parents have shared with me over this journey.

But, this one – the one about boredom, if that’s one you like to dish out – my advice back to you – scrap it!

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