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Thursday, December 3, 2020
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Newcastle singer to release debut EP

From a young age, Jemima knew music was her future.

She started writing songs from eight-years-old and, by 14, was busking around town.

“I lived in a van travelling along the east coast of Australia since I was 18 and then I moved to London in 2017, where I became more serious about gigging,” Jemima said.

Now calling Blacksmiths home, she admits her life has been thrown upside down due to COVID-19 and its impact on the music industry.

But, while there may be no gigs, Jemima has been using her time wisely, working on her EP titled Things I Never Said, which will be released on 12 September.

And, she’s already had success, with both singles she’s released hitting number one and two on the iTunes singer-songwriter chart for Australia.

Jemima credits some of this success to her hometown.

“People don’t buy music these days and so that’s people wanting to support local music,” she said.

“We come from a great town here.”

Labelling herself as pop with folk influences, the first single from the EP, Patient, caught the attention of folk musician Angus Stone.

After hearing the track, Stone invited Jemima to his home studio to sing backing vocals on his Dope Lemon release Streets of Your Town.

“My EP has five songs and is pretty confessional,” she said.

“It’s expressive and has a big focus on story telling, which is something I value in music – something that makes you feel something.

“They are all songs about experiences I had in London, which was kind of an accident.”

Jemima recently quit her full-time writing position with Live Kindly magazine to pursue music. However, she hasn’t had a gig since March.

“I took the leap and then COVID-19 happened, but people have it a lot worse than me,” she said.

She’s planning on moving back to the UK in a few months to join her partner and continue her music.

You can find Jemima’s music on iTunes, Google Play and any other streaming service.