It’s a girl! Josh, Jack and their surrogate Fiona welcome baby Ari

Ari Rose Bowman-Pinnock.

Newcastle Weekly is excited to announce that Josh and Jack Bowman-Pinnock and their surrogate Fiona Morrison have welcomed little Ari Rose.

Born on Thursday 1 April after a very fast 25-minute labour, Ari arrived at 6.11am weighing in at seven pounds and 11 ounces (3.48 kilograms) and measuring 50 centimetres long.

“We are over the moon,” Josh said.

“I don’t think there are any words to describe the feeling of holding your daughter for the first time, Jack and I were just reduced to tears.

“It’s something we were waiting for such a long time to happen.”

Jack added they all adore her.

“She is doing so well,” he said.

“She is absolutely perfect, she is eating well and sleeping well – she is everything we ever dreamed of.”

It’s been a reward in the making for four years for the husband and husband duo.

After they got married in 2018, they knew they wanted to have a child, but it was not until 2019 that they met Raymond Terrace’s Fiona – the woman who would carry their baby.

While it was challenging at times, Fiona says it was well worth it and that seeing Josh and Jack as dads is a joy.

“It’s been nice to watch them clearly nailing it,” she said.

Fiona has moved back to her home while Josh, Jack and Ari stay in Newcastle a little while longer.

Josh, Fiona, baby Ari and Jack.

“We moved to a different place near the uni and it’s a lot smaller but I also felt ready to go home and spend some time with my girls,” she said.

“I felt really emotionally ready, I don’t feel an overwhelming sense of attachment for her, she is clearly theirs.”

Fiona adds that other than a fever over the last few days, she feels great and is ready to take on her duties as Ari’s aunt.

“I feel good, I have to keep reminding myself that I have just had a baby,” she said.

To follow along with their story, go to Jack and Josh’s Instagram page @the_sydney_dads.

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