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Monday, March 1, 2021

Ideas to mark Morpeth Bicentenary celebrations

The Morpeth Bicentenary Working Group (MBWG) has finalised its recommendations for ways to commemorate the Bicentenary of Morpeth.

November 2021 marks the bicentenary of the town’s founding by Lieutenant Edward Charles Close.

Over the last five months, the MBWG, which is made up of the Mayor, three North Ward Councillors and six Morpeth resident and business representatives, has been developing a range of options for commemoration.

The group’s proposal identifies three projects, including a riverside shared pathway, Steamer Street shared pathway, and lighting of Morpeth Bridge.

The proposal also includes a program of activities for the weekend of the Bicentenary with a Corroboree and Morpeth Bridge Open Day. 

The ideas will be presented to the next council meeting on Tuesday 13 October. 

Maitland Mayor Loretta Baker said it was exciting to see the ideas of the working group being presented to council.

“The group has worked collaboratively and come up with some great ideas, which I believe would be a really fitting acknowledgement of this important milestone in the history of Morpeth,” she said.

“If the recommendations are supported by council, I look forward to continuing to work with the members of the group to plan for the Bicentenary.”

If supported, the working group and council staff will progress with detailed planning, project approval and investigation into funding opportunities for the proposed projects.

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