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Horoscopes: 25 – 31 March 2021

Lady Gaga

Francis Bevan has put together his horoscopes for the week 25 – 31 March 2021. This week’s celebrity birthday is Lady Gaga.

Celebrity birthday

Lady Gaga (Stefani Germanotta)

28 March 1986

Inspiration will run amok for Lady Gaga during the year ahead and much travel is likely.  This is a time in her life to let go of habits, people and negative circumstances that are not for her higher purpose.  These situations, people or circumstances may have been holding her back and it is time to free herself of them. This is also a time that any good deeds she does will be well rewarded not necessarily financially but in terms of inner satisfaction and spiritually.

ARIES 21 Mar – 20 Apr

The Full Moon on 28 March indicates that a loved one may be pressuring you and you won’t enjoy it. Perhaps they are using a form of emotional blackmail. It won’t last long, but it won’t be much fun in the meantime. It is time to establish boundaries.

TAURUS 21 Apr – 21 May

As Mars squares the Sun and Mercury, accidents are more likely so take extra care. The Full Moon on 28 March highlights your ambitions. However, any progress you make will be ruined if you behave ruthlessly or arrogantly, so don’t be tempted to throw your weight around.

GEMINI 22 May – 21 June

With Mars in quick-minded Gemini until 24 April, time itself may seem to speed up. The Full Moon on 28 March is a time when you could lose your temper over matters connected to your children or family. Take a deep breath to avoid upsetting everyone around you.

CANCER 22 June – 22 July

The Full Moon on 28 March indicates that keeping the peace at home is almost impossible right now as someone is being huffy and easily offended. You obviously need to discuss certain things with them, but this is not the time. Pick your battles, as the saying goes.

LEO 23 July – 23 Aug

The Full Moon on 28 March indicates that a tense atmosphere is likely with a sibling, neighbour or colleague. Someone is feeling defensive and, as a result, they are looking for an excuse for an argument. There could also be issues involving your car or technology.

VIRGO 24 Aug – 23 Sept

The Full Moon on 28 March indicates that you may part with more money than you intended. Also, be careful of judging others on what they do or don’t own. Make sure you don’t become too materialistic as you’ll discover there are more important things in life.

LIBRA 24 Sept – 23 Oct

The Full Moon on 28 March in Libra indicates that some of the people in your life are moody. While you might be in no mood to compromise or to consider anyone else’s needs, a little more cooperation by all parties can create a more peaceful environment.

SCORPIO 24 Oct – 22 Nov

The Full Moon on 28 March is a time when secrets could come out of the woodwork so be careful who you trust with confidential information. You also need extra rest this week so make sure you get it as it will help you stay strong and healthy.

SAGITTARIUS 23 Nov – 21 Dec

The Full Moon on 28 March indicates that a friend or loved one is being difficult. They’re determined to have things their own way, no matter what it costs in terms of ruffling other people’s feathers. You will be directly involved, and they may try to boss you around!

CAPRICORN 22 Dec – 20 Jan

The Full Moon on 28 March indicates that you need to be careful of ego clashes with others as someone is doing their best to undermine you and make you doubt yourself. If you’re feeling tired and insecure, take time out to rest and bolster your resilience.

AQUARIUS 21 Jan – 19 Feb

The Full Moon on 28 March warns you to be careful of what you say as it is likely to be misunderstood. If you are dealing with anything legal, be certain to read the small print and double check the paperwork. Be sure to make time for rest and relaxation.

PISCES 20 Feb – 20 Mar

The Full Moon on 28 March indicates a need to discuss financial matters with those you live with. Rather than getting het up about things, do your best to remain cool, calm and collected. Talk through the issues rationally and they’re likely to be resolved to everyone’s satisfaction.

WITH FRANCIS BEVAN, francisbevan.com

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