Horoscopes: 11 – 17 March 2021


Francis Bevan has put together his horoscopes for the week 11 – 17 March 2021. This week’s celebrity birthday is Ansel Elgort.

BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA - JANUARY 05: Ansel Elgort attends the 77th Annual Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 05, 2020 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by George Pimentel/WireImage)

Celebrity birthday

Ansel Elgort

14 March 1994

The next 12 months for Ansel is about getting back to basics, getting organised and laying foundations for the years ahead. It is imperative that he has a grand plan and doesn’t rush off without considering the consequences. While he may feel overburdened at times, he will be achieving a great deal for his future. The hard work he does now will pay off big time over the coming four years.

ARIES 21 Mar – 20 Apr

There’s a possible windfall coming your way; even if very modest, it will leave you smiling. The New Moon on 13 March is the ideal time for healing and recuperating. So, rest up, play your cards close to your chest and don’t reveal too much about your motives and plans.

TAURUS 21 Apr – 21 May

As Jupiter forms a harmonious aspect, it is time to take advantage of an upbeat, optimistic and outgoing vibe. The New Moon on 13 March places the focus on your friends and social contacts. You will benefit most from being with your allies and taking part in group activities.

GEMINI 22 May – 21 June

You’re in a forward-thinking mood and perhaps it’s time to consign some past grievances to the dustbin, especially if there’s absolutely nothing you can do about them. The New Moon on 13 March is the ideal time to push ahead with career and long-term goals. You will certainly impress others!

CANCER 22 June – 22 July

You will do your best work behind the scenes and ideally should be left on your own. The New Moon on 13 March puts the spotlight on global affairs and higher education. If you haven’t booked a holiday yet, this is the ideal time to do so.

LEO 23 July – 23 Aug

You will take a great deal of pleasure from being with people who feel like kindred spirits and who share your outlook in many ways. The New Moon on 13 March is the ideal time to spend time with someone who sets your pulse racing!

VIRGO 24 Aug – 23 Sept

This is a great time to attend interviews and meetings where you need to get your point across. The New Moon on 13 March guarantees you a lively time with your other half or with a close friend. You’ll glimpse a new side to their personality.

LIBRA 24 Sept – 23 Oct

You are attracting a lot of attention this month and you are loving it.The New Moon on 13 March is a time when you are going to have real willpower and strength making it easy to tackle jobs you have been putting off.

SCORPIO 24 Oct – 22 Nov

Your luck is about to improve financially as those you are dependent on are only too happy to share their gains with you. The New Moon on 13 March is the ideal time for a social event, particularly if you can be with close friends and family.

SAGITTARIUS 23 Nov – 21 Dec

The New Moon on 13 March indicates that your thoughts have taken a domestic turn and you’re all wrapped up in family matters. It isn’t always easy for you to get on well with others, as you have an uncanny knack of being a little too blunt with the truth.

CAPRICORN 22 Dec – 20 Jan

The New Moon on 13 March is the ideal time to deal with legal matters and for gossip, so don’t ignore your phone as it could bring some interesting news. if you’re feeling sluggish after overindulging, It’s time to take yourself in hand and get back into shape.

AQUARIUS 21 Jan – 19 Feb

It will help you to take better care of your diet and to avoid alcohol as it may upset your digestion. Single Aquarians are at your most charming and are certain to attract a new admirer. The New Moon on 13 March indicates that luck is on your side financially.

PISCES 20 Feb – 20 Mar

Should you want to get to know a work colleague better, consider inviting them around to your place for a meal. The New Moon in Pisces on 13 March puts you in a competitive mood and you will do anything in which you stand a good chance of coming first.

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