Honouring the Anzacs from home


Boolaroo Speers Point RSL Club sub-branch president Lyle Dalton hopes people will still commemorate Anzac Day this year.

He encourages everyone to pay their respects in their own way, with many residents set to take part in the Light Up the Dawn initiative this morning (Saturday 25 April).

Mr Dalton believes honouring the day will help keep the story and tradition of Anzac Day alive.

Boolaroo Speers Point RSL Club sub-branch president Lyle Dalton at an Anzac Day service in 2018.

Together – even while physically apart – Australia can remember and thank the people who sacrificed so much during war.

“Amongst the most important aspects of Anzac Day is the education of our young and up-and-coming generation to make them aware of what our forefathers did for our great and free country that we live in today,” he says.

Mr Dalton adds that the cancellation of ceremonies is disappointing but understandable.

He believes the community is feeling a great sense of loss over the lack of services.  

“We conduct a number of services at our local schools and also in our local nursing homes,” he says.

“The residents of these homes will be very disappointed with no service this year as many are ex-service people and many have relatives that they remember each Anzac Day.” 

However, Mr Dalton says what society faces now is very small in comparison to what the Anzacs experienced.

“I live in a village at Shortland and I was talking to an elderly resident the other day, just about her life, and she confided in me that, during WWII, she lived in London during the bombing blitz,” he says.

“She lost two homes due to bombs and she was informed at this time that her dad, a member of the British Army, had been killed in Burma.

“She felt that these restrictions are very small compared to her time in England. 

“She commented: ‘We all have our freedom, water supplied, electricity, and ample food and a roof over our head’.”  

Apart from Light Up the Dawn, NSW RSL also has a number of other ways you can commemorate Anzac Day.

Australians can tune into live memorial services and share messages of support on social media using the hashtags #lightupthedawn and #ANZACSpirit.

It also suggests donating to the Anzac Appeal that supports veterans and their families or reaching out to a friend or veteran who might be alone.