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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Heath Goodman: My Favourite Things

Year 12 student Heath Goodman is setting himself up for a bright future, despite undertaking his HSC during a global pandemic.

Heath, who will enter adulthood next month, is a member of the colloquially termed 2020 Class of COVID.

The Newcastle teen has become a spokesperson for his fellow graduates and summed up his final year of school in five words: unique, eventful, conclusion, memorable and challenging.

A talented sportsman and former student at Edgeworth Primary School, Heath is looking to develop a career in the medical science field, with chemistry and engineering his favourite subjects this year.  

When he’s not on a sports field or in a classroom, “Goody”, as he is known to his mates, is undertaking physically demanding holidays, like his recent trek within Nepal, or simply enjoying his favourite thing – a chicken schnitty.


Rugby union is one of my favourite things to compete in. The enjoyment I get out of winning and the nature of the team picking each other up after a tough loss. Footy also allows me to keep fit and enjoy all the social interactions that accompany it. Union is also my outlet from school and all the other distractions I do. It enables me to just take my mind off things for a while.


I’ve had numerous trips to Bali with family, but I’d say the most exciting holiday memory for me was the World Challenge Exploration in Nepal earlier this year. It was a 21-day trip and entailed a nine-day hike and four-day village interaction. I’m lucky I snuck that in before travel was off the cards.


My term of captaincy has enabled growth for me as an individual, to challenge myself and attempt things normally out of my comfort zone. The experience has taught me to tackle everything head-on. I’m excited about leaving school but nervous about going into the real world. Getting out of the routine of 9am to 3pm for the past 13 years is going to be a big adjustment to the body clock.


I’ve played numerous sports over the years including soccer, league, oztag and touch. When I’m hanging out with mates we play a bit of basketball. My top five sports teams are The Newcastle Knights, Boston Celtics, Seattle Seahawks and the NSW Waratahs. I’d say my favourite player is Connor Watson (Newcastle Knights) because he always gives 110% in every position he plays.

Shooter (tv series)

Comedy and action are my favourite type of movies. My favourite television show at the moment is ‘Shooter’.