Hazard reduction burn in Cooranbong this weekend


NSW Rural Fire Service will be carrying out a hazard reduction burn this Saturday 21 November at Cooranbong, subject to suitable weather conditions.

From 9am-7pm the burn will take place along 2 hectares of bushland at Taylors Road, Cooranbong.

Smoke and fire activity will be visible from local roadways during and after these controlled burns. 

Those in the area are advised to follow the necessary safety precautions:

  • Keep doors and windows closed to prevent smoke entering buildings
  • Cover outdoor furniture to prevent ember damage
  • Retract plastic or synthetic pool covers, protect trampolines and remove shade sails to prevent ember damage
  • Remove washing from the clothesline
  • Ensure any outdoor pets have a sheltered area
  • If you have asthma or a lung condition, reduce outdoor activities. If smoke levels are high and if shortness of breath or coughing develops, take your reliever medicine or seek medical advice
  • If you are driving a vehicle, slow down, keep windows up and turn headlights on
  • It is normal for smoke to be visible up to 24 hours after the prescribed burn

You may experience discoloured tap water due to water being extracted by fire fighters from the water mains. Find out what you can do by contacting Hunter Water.

For your safety and to aid post fire restoration, all are advised to please keep clear of the area. Ongoing patrols of the burns will be conducted as required.

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