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Greens call for free abortion access


The Greens are planning to back free, safe and legal access to abortion and reproductive healthcare in NSW. 

Responding to reports that women seeking abortions are being turned away from public hospitals, women’s rights spokesperson Jenny Leong MP said the party was unapologetically pro-choice. 

“Three years on from the decriminalisation of abortion, it is unacceptable that women seeking abortion are still facing massive barriers to access,” she said. 

“The Greens want to see public, free access to abortion and reproductive healthcare in NSW – including massively improving the access for women in regional areas. 

“Leaving our public healthcare system struggling without funding is an anti-choice, political choice. It goes against the very action taken by NSW Parliament to decriminalise abortion. 

“Unless all women and people can access free abortion and reproductive healthcare, when and where they need to, our healthcare system is denying the right to choose. 

“Abortion decriminalisation was a generations-long struggle – we cannot afford to go backwards on our reproductive rights.  

“Neither the NSW Liberal Nationals or NSW Labor have a clear stance on ensuring the right to choose  with some very loud anti-choice voices in both their camps. 

“The Greens are unashamedly, unwaveringly and unreservedly pro-choice. 

“It is not a matter of conscience when it is voted on in Parliament, it is our policy. We 100% support abortion rights, every MP, every vote, every time. 
“The Greens back free, safe, and legal access to abortion and reproductive healthcare in NSW – no matter where someone lives, how much money they have, or the doctor they see.” 

In NSW, abortion was removed from the Crimes Act of 1900 in October 2019 with the passing of the Abortion Law Reform Act 2019. 

Women and pregnant people are no longer at risk of prosecution for procuring their own abortion and doctors are permitted to perform an abortion after gaining informed consent up to 22 weeks of pregnancy. 

Afterwards, abortions must occur in a hospital or approved health facility by a specialist medical practitioner who has consulted with another practitioner. 

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