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Great time to plant your veggie garden


Spring is a great time to plant a vegetable garden.

Dig in cow manure and an all-purpose plant food and wait a week before planting some of the latest release summer crops.

There are so many different varieties of tomatoes available, including grafted Grosse Lissie and, more recently, the Tomato Truss Plum.

I am guilty of not growing them, but any variety of vine grown tomato is the latest craze.

The symmetrical trusses have consistent fruit uniformity and an excellent taste.

Choosing which tomato to grow can be confusing as there are so many different varieties available.

I prefer Sweet Bite, which are incredibly proli­fic, and Father Tom, which bears ­firm globe-shaped fruit.

These smaller tomatoes are favoured as they aren’t as prone to fruit fly attack.

This year, Oasis Seedlings have released a Stir Fry range, as well as their lettuce varieties and cucumbers, and numerous chillis, capsicum and climbing beans, which can only be planted during warm weather.

I remember when my grandson took over my garden, planting watermelon, which completely took over.

However, his joy when he found a melon under their leafy growth was well worth my roses stressing.

Remembering this reminds me of when my three grandchildren wouldn’t let me squash the snails or put the grasshoppers to death.

By now, newly pruned roses are producing new growth along with the warm weather.

As I mentioned last week, keep a sharp eye out for aphids and, to prevent black spot, try a regular spraying of bi-carb soda mixed with pest oil fortnightly.

If this preventative isn’t successful, spray with copper oxychloride.

Note: healthy roses will fight off fungal disease and insect infestations such as scale.

My suggestion is to fertilise with a different food each month, beginning with Sudden Impact; the following month, use Sulphate of Potash, dolomite after heavy rain, and then use Blood and Bone a month later.


  • Tip prune fuschsias and geraniums, then fertilise.
  • Divide clumps of gerberas
  • Plant passionfruit in well manured soil (that is cow manure).
  • Camellias should be pruned once they have ­finished flowering, and then fed with cow manure and mulched with peat moss. Potted camellias should be fed with a slow release fertiliser and mulched with peat moss.

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