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Gowrie NSW’s rich history of helping children unlock their full potential

It’s a quality, not-for-profit organisation with a rich history of educating and caring for children.

Gowrie NSW is celebrating 80 years since its formation back in 1940.

During that time, it has provided diverse education and care, family support, and professional development services to the early and middle childhood sector across NSW and the ACT.

Gowrie NSW Mayfield, located at 14 Frith Street, is one of its newest centres and draws on the organisation’s philosophy and approach.

“Mayfield just turned two and we’ve all been briefed on the history of what Gowrie NSW has stood for going back 80 years,” Gowrie NSW Mayfield spokesperson, Lauren Burrows, said.

“The focus is on a key educator approach, which means individualised care – so a small group with an educator.

“That way, the educator knows the children and family and builds relationships.

“We’re big on both respectful relationships and practice.”

Gowrie NSW boasts a unique indoor environment rich in natural resources and promotes learning, curiosity, and adventure.

A large outdoor play area also features natural gardens, climbing structures, natural play equipment, sandpits, and water play.

It provides nutritionally-balanced meals, catering for all children’s dietary needs, prepared using the freshest ingredients, while it also offers a broad curriculum of literacy, numeracy, language, art, music, social skills, sport, sustainability, and much more.

Gowrie NSW’s philosophy is that every child brings with them unique strengths, capabilities, culture, interests, knowledge, ideas, and experiences.

It aims to enable children to reach their fullest potential by encouraging growth and development in a warm, caring home-like environment.

Gowrie NSW Mayfield is open from 7am to 6pm, Monday to Friday, for children from six weeks to school age.

Call (02) 8594 4200, email [email protected] or visit gowriensw.com.au for more information.

T: (02) 6370 9730
A: 14 Frith Street, Mayfield
W: gowriensw.com.au

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