Glenn Dormand: My Favourite Things


Better known as Chit Chat Von Loopin Stab, Glenn is an Australian songwriter, musician, record producer, remixer, TV presenter, radio announcer, podcaster and video director from Newcastle.

Famous for his role as one of the founding members of the band Machine Gun Fellatio, Glenn has recently partnered with Tony Whittaker to produce a set of a dozen short films documenting the history of Newcastle entitled ‘Stories of our Town’

“The stories are coming at us all the time,” he says.

“They are little portals into our past.”

Glenn, whose father moved to Newcastle from England in the late 1930s, was keen to escape the steel city as a teenager.

He has since returned to the city with a renewed love for the coastal backdrop after becoming a parent himself.

My Kids

I could say my kids are my greatest achievement to date, but all their best traits they got from their mother. Since I can’t take real credit for my them, I’d say spending most of my life making a living from what I love is my biggest achievement. It’s easy to get out of bed when you can’t wait to start. Taking a huge risk and failing is informative but also awful. Taking a huge risk and succeeding however, surpasses most things. 

My garden

Hobby – I garden, it’s wonderful for your soul and exceptional for mental health. I love designing gardens to have food and flowers all year round, it’s like a puzzle. Growing plants to look good now and others that might take five years. I love to see people eat what I’ve grown, and I love saving battered plants and seeing them bloom. It’s the most ‘in the moment’ I get.


My favourite holiday destination is Crescent Head. It’s our yearly escape and our happy place. We fish, swim, read, explore, feast, play board games and connect as a family. This is the opposite of a manic holiday jumping from town to town. At Crescent, every day we do a little less and come home renewed.


The best thing about Newcastle? I love the expression “be a tourist in your own town” and I think if Covid-19 has taught us anything, it’s how lucky we are to live in this town. I have friends in tiny apartments in New York and they were in hell. During the harshest days of lockdown, we got to walk secluded tracks by the ocean. Every day the high-rises grow but we still have such a bounty of places to escape to right on our doorstep. 

My wife

My wife is genuinely my favourite person. She’s smart, funny, caring and sexy. She has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, has no interest in money, gossip or celebrity and really listens when people talk. Being around her makes me try harder to be good and shouldn’t you surround yourself with those people?