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Getting your skin winter-ready


Dropping temperatures, diminishing humidity, heaters, cold wind and hot showers all mean winter has arrived.

While reaching for the woollies is only natural at this time of year, two Novocastrian beauticians are warning us a change in skincare routine is just as important.

Alicia Macdougall from Bliss Beauty and Body in New Lambton said a change of season meant a change of skincare, just like a change in wardrobe.

“During winter the natural healthy glow of our skin can often disappear due to colder days, more time in front of the heater as well as longer, hotter showers. 

Alicia Macdougall from Bliss Beauty and Body, New Lambton.

“We find that some of our clients feel their skin becomes dryer and more dehydrated, they also can experience some flakiness especially if they are prone to eczema or other dry skin conditions.

“We recommend adding products with more nourishment and hydration.

“We recommend adding a facial oil into your night-time routine. We think there’s nothing that can inject maximum moisture into dry and dehydrated skin quite like an oil. 

“Also winter is the perfect time to change your cleanser to a milky cleanser especially if your skin is feeling tight after cleansing, and adding a customised serum that will penetrate deeper than your moisturiser.” 

Marilen Innocenzi from Beauty by Blush in Kahibah said all season changes have an affect on our complexion, especially winter.

“These environmental conditions have a huge impact on the way your skin behaves,” she said.

“In winter the air is cold and dry and we are using more heat around us and directly on our skin. This is why, this season is a must for you to change your skincare routine to protect your complexion against these harsh elements.”

Ms Innocenzi said your choice of skin products depended on the condition of your skin.

“Dry, flaky skin is the most common concern in winter and the first step we suggest is to invest in a gentle exfoliant,” she said.

“This will help remove dry, flaky dead skin cells on the surface of your skin to then allow your moisturiser, serums and other products to hydrate and nourish deeper within the skin.

“A luxurious rich moisturising cream is another ideal investment for winter skin.

“Swap your cleanser for a nourishing oil and add a hydrating mask twice a week to your life. It will help to illuminate your appearance and increase your antioxidant protection and moisture content. Our little tip is to add a pea size amount after cleansing and exfoliating and go to bed with it. Your skin will feel so soft and hydrated in the morning.”

Ms Innocenzi’s final piece of advice was to remember that the sun’s rays continued regardless of the season.

“You may also think that sunscreen is just for the summer, however, it is recommended that you use it through the colder months as well,” she said. “It is important to protect your skin from the constant presence of UVA light in the winter sun.”

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