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Getting to know Allira Jaques


She was the little girl who loved to perform for her family.

If there was any chance of putting on a choreographed show for the tight-knit group, Allira Jaques would take the stage.

But as she hit her teens, the beauty from Boolaroo with a classic girl-next-door appeal, became shy.

“I was always putting on a play, I’d always wanted to be an actress, but I suddenly became nervous,” Allira said.

“I’d hit that awkward teenage stage and I didn’t have the confidence to just go for it.”

The thought of her mum seeing her kissing a stranger on film was also unbearable she admits.

So she turned her attention to a different stage.

“I did a lot of modelling competitions, I’d enter myself. I did it to boost my self esteem, and even though the industry wasn’t for me, it taught me some confidence.”

In fact Allira shone in the spotlight, shortlisted for the Miss Universe crown in 2007, and taking home honours as Miss Surfest in 2004, when she was 19.

She completed her teaching degree at University of Newcastle in 2009, but her thirst for acting took precedence.

And, soon after, she took her first steps into film, playing a role in Daddy’s Little Girl (2012), Come and Get Me (2011) and Charlie’s Farm (2015), all locally-produced, independent horror films.

“I do love my horror films. They’re really fun to film. I love the adrenaline rush,” Allira said.

In stark contrast, it is romantic comedies that really appeal to 35-year-old.

“I’m a major Friends fan. Imagine if we made an aussie version of Friends – that’d be fantastic. I’d love to be in that,” she told the Newcastle Weekly.

“Rom-coms are something I really love. 

“I love anything by Meg Ryan, Kate Hudson, Jennifer Anniston, Emily Blunt, Elizabeth Moss, – they’re some of my favourites.”

Allira Jaques is fast-becoming a star in her own right.

After a life-changing phone call from director Eric C Nash, she auditioned for Love You Like That while in Los Angeles in 2019.

Released on 24 October, it is already receiving rave reviews.

And what’s next for the Lake Macquarie export?

“I’d love to be in a Marvel movie. I’d love to be a girl kicking some butt,” she said.

“As every actor knows it’s a tough industry, so I’d really love to just keep working, be on set and keep getting paid for what I love doing.”

Allira shines in ‘Love You Like That’

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