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Georgia’s continuing her mum’s loving legacy


The legacy of Newcastle-based child psychologist Jenny Chapman is set to continue, via her daughter Georgia Wendt.

Sadly, the much-loved Novocastrian’s life was cut short at the age of 60 by a rare form of ovarian cancer, leaving a behind a profound gift of love and transformation.

But, her spirit lives on through The Me Strategies – a groundbreaking rewards chart system that’s not just about incentives, but about building a bright future – as her offspring courageously renews the business.

Georgia Wendt.

“Mum was the brilliant and compassionate heart behind this transformative tool,” Ms Wendt said.

“As a child psychologist, she poured everything into helping families overcome challenges and create harmonious homes.

“However, it wasn’t just her professional expertise that fuelled The Me Strategies.

“It was her personal experience as a loving mother.”

With unwavering determination, she’s committed to supporting families on their parenting journey, just as the late Ms Chapman did with passion and dedication.

For Ms Wendt, The Me Strategies is more than just a product to her.

“It’s a reflection of my mum’s unwavering devotion and love for families,” she said.

“Growing up, I witnessed first-hand how she poured her heart and soul into helping others.

“So, it was born from the very strategies she implemented in her profession.

“The Me Strategies equips parents with the means to create a positive, engaging atmosphere for their child’s development.

“Through a unique points-based system, they can set realistic goals, monitor progress and foster responsibility and self-motivation.

“Tailoring rewards to match individual preferences is made easy with the visually-appealing magnet chart and customisable features.

“Say goodbye to the tantrums and meltdowns with your children.

“The Me Strategies offers a win-win situation that fosters mutual understanding, respect and cooperation within the family dynamic.”

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