Furry fire victims in need of support


Hillville fire victims’ Flash, Sooty and Blaze need your help to raise money for the treatment of koalas affected by the bushfires.

Volunteer organisation Port Stephens Koalas is in desperate need of donations to keep up with demand. 

Senior carer Julie Jennings says “hundreds and hundreds” of koalas have suffered fire-related injuries across the state, with more expected over the summer period.

Ms Jennings is currently looking after four-year-old fire victim Flash.

When he was rescued, Flash was incredibly underweight, starving, and dehydrated.

“My Flash is indicative of what [a lot of] koalas are experiencing,” she says.

“His hands and feet are burnt, and the skin is peeling off.”

To treat Flash’s injuries, Ms Jennings has been applying a cooling, non-painful ointment called Flamazine.

The ointment is used to prevent infection and treat severe burns; however, application can be painful, and the koala needs to be sedated every time it is administered.

Ms Jennings says that Flash has made great improvements since being rescued and starting his treatment.

He’s now gained two kilograms and shown an interest in food.

“[Flash] has got a good life ahead of him if we can get him through it,” she says.

Ms Jennings adds it is unlikely that you will ever come across a koala in these events because they are “so remote”.

However, she advises that, if you do find an injured koala, a wildlife care group should be contacted immediately.

If you need to rescue the Koala quickly, collect the animal safely, cover it up and keep it quiet and warm.

Sadly, Flash and his friends have no habitat to return to, so donations are vital to continue their care.

A donation of $50 could purchase Flamazine ointment; $200 could buy an IV drip stand used in administering vital fluids for rehydration; and $2000 could purchase a triage cot used for housing ill or injured koalas during intensive care.

“Please donate to our website, where your money will go directly into purchasing vital items to care for the koalas,” Ms Jennings says.

“It’s getting to the point where we need to target exactly what we need.

“We appreciate every donation, but it’s the cash that is important, because it goes directly to care.”

Visit portstephenskoalas.com.au donate for more information or to make a donation.