Full Monty wedding for charity


They say a wedding is one of the happiest days in a person’s life.

Monty King knows this all too well, having married more than 230 couples.

Then he met Monty Haron, a Camp Quality volunteer who has seen that, for kids impacted by cancer, days spent on camp are some of the happiest they will experience during treatment.

“We were on a Newcastle celebrant Facebook group and I saw Monty’s name pop up and thought, ‘That’s a fairly low-percentage play that there’d be two blokes in Newcastle named Monty who are celebrants,’” Mr King recalled.
“We struck up a bit of a friendship and I messaged him and said: ‘We should do a wedding together, how funny would that be if someone was married by two Montys?’

During their conversations, it was decided that the wedding should benefit a charity.

Mr Haron quickly threw Camp Quality into the ring.

From there, the duo spread the word and were left stunned by the response.

An auction will now take place on 14 February – Valentine’s Day – for an all-inclusive wedding package valued at more than $45,000.

In a charity first, 100% of the proceeds from the final bid will be donated to Camp Quality.

The wedding date is set for 20 July.

“We’ve been blown away by the support from vendors, so many people have been donating their time and services,” Mr King said.
“Whoever gets it will be the only couple in Australia to get married by two Montys, presumably ever.”

Mr Haron added the funds raised would help children who were going through a difficult time on their cancer journey.

Camp Quality offers kids and their families a vital break to strengthen their wellbeing and boost their support networks.

It also provides a range of innovative programs and services at home, the hospital, and school.

“The money raised in the auction will help to put a lot of smiles on a lot of kids’ faces,” Mr Haron said.
“I’ve seen firsthand how happy these kids are to be able to spend some time away from hospital with other kids their age, going on adventures and making memories they wouldn’t otherwise get the chance to.
“It’s such a rewarding experience to help these kids laugh and play on camps, and it’s something made possible only by the generous donations needed to fund Camp Quality’s programs.”

The auction will be held at Stanley Park, Port Stephens, from 4pm.

Go to ‘The 2 Montys Charity Wedding Event’ on social media to register your interest.

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