From the editor: the world’s gone mad


Alright, it’s official – the world has gone mad.

Whether you agree with it or not, businesses around the globe are taking a more culturally sensitive approach to their slogans and branding in response to the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement.

This includes debate over Coon cheese wanting to change its name, as well as Nestlé’s plan to alter its iconic Allen’s lollies, known as ‘Chicos’ and ‘Red Skins’, and a Texas realtor group’s decision to no longer use the term ‘master’ to describe bedrooms and bathrooms in listings.

What can’t be debated is the deplorable conduct of those involved in the ridiculous attacks on police officers across the state, including here in the Hunter Region.

I’m not suggesting these were influenced by the BLM movement. All I know is there has been a notable increase in abuse, not just for our officers, but also towards other members of the public, shop workers, and politicians.

Wallsend State MP Sonia Hornery used her Facebook page earlier this week to call out a number of individuals who had reportedly subjected her staff to “unacceptable” abuse.

I feel she was being a bit kind when she mentioned that people had gone through months of isolation or might’ve had a bad few weeks.

As her post also stated, it all comes down to one simple thing – respect.