From the editor: bracing for rough few weeks


Who said sport or exercise was good for you? After just two games of a shortened soccer season, I went to see the physio and left in a knee brace, which will be attached to my leg for the next six to eight weeks.

A lack of fitness compared to previous years, a bit of bad luck and old age (I am 31 in December!) has left me hobbling around for the time-being.

Lesson learned, and I’ll be trying my absolute best to come back much stronger once the brace comes off.

To follow a similar train of thought to some earlier columns, the COVID-19 pandemic has, like many other small businesses, left us slightly hobbled.

You’ll have no doubt noticed the magazine is currently smaller in size than it was pre-COVID, and this varies a bit week-to-week.

There is also the unfortunate absence of the TV Guide, which we are still getting phone calls about (some of these are still borderline abusive).

I understand the frustration, but we will only be able to return the TV Guide once the owner deems it financially viable.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this week’s magazine and continue to support us until the brace comes off.