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Flood emergency


Flooding can cause serious damage to your property, affecting walls, ceilings, floors and furniture. You might think it will never happen to you, but burst pipes are one of the most common household emergencies in Australia. The Kennards Hire team shares its top tops for cleaning up the aftermath.

Turn off your water main

If a pipe has burst on your property, you will most likely hear water dripping or spraying. Locate the pipe, assess the area and then completely switch off your water supply. Then, head back over to open your taps to drain the remaining water from the system.

Pump it

Now that you’ve prevented the flooding from getting worse, it’s time to deal with the watery mess. Drying out your property is the first step in any clean-up operation. Depending on the extent of the flooding, you may require pumps to help remove trapped water and clear pools that may have formed. A high performance, portable pump makes it easy for you to suck the water out of multiple rooms in a fast and efficient manner.

Turn up the blower dryer

After the water has been pumped out, a blower dryer should be used to remove any excess moisture. To achieve the best possible result for your space, and more importantly, save yourself time and energy, hire a blower dryer. These generate large volumes of air, rapidly drying flooring, walls and ceilings and preventing mildew from setting in. Used in conjunction with a dehumidifier, a high-power blower dryer will efficiently remove moisture content in any room and save your home from potential mould and bacteria growth.

Dehumidify to sap the dampness

Say goodbye to any remaining moisture by using a dehumidifier. These handy machines will prevent your wallpaper from peeling, protect home electronics, preserve documents and keep any odours at bay! Expert tip: Dehumidifiers work best in enclosed areas, so, if the moisture is confined to a certain area, such as a bedroom or bathroom, place the dehumidifier inside and close doors and windows.

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