Find your style in a new way this winter


In a world where fast fashion costs more than its minimal price tag, Newcastle vintage fashion designer Bonnie Lee Tipper says finding a new look among old pieces is a smarter way to find your style this winter.

Having combed the racks of thrift shops for more than a decade, the talented seamstress is sharing her top tips on how to find the perfect bargain when keeping the fashion cycle going.

Whether you’re a seasoned collector or op-shop newbie these tips will help you get started.

Size doesn’t have to be scary

Don’t get scared of things that are not labelled with exactly your size. Sizes have changed a whole lot over the years and can vary from country to country – you may be surprised.

If you try an item and it still doesn’t fit, try some clever styling. If it’s a dress that’s too big then try a belt. If a shirt feels a little tight when it’s buttoned up, then try wearing it unbuttoned over a t-shirt.

Check the details

When you think you’ve found the perfect item of clothing, now’s the time to examine the fine details; test the zippers, count the buttons, pull any drawstrings and put your hands in the pockets. This is especially important for your everyday items like pants and jackets.

Of course, if it is faulty, it’s not necessarily ‘make or break’. If you really love the item you could always fix it yourself or get it repaired by a pro – you’re still likely to save yourself a few dollars.

The most important part of sustainable style is to be yourself and not worry about trends. Look for things that really make you feel good and tell people who you are.

Keep an eye out for your favourite colours, shapes and textures and you’ll end up with a collection that is perfect and most importantly, unique to you.

Local fashion designer Bonnie Lee Tipper in her Hamilton studio.

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