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Family skis to barefoot heights


The Tresidder family from Black Hill has already notched up some impressive achievements in barefoot waterskiing, despite being in the sport for less than two years.

Ian, Katrina, Lachlan (14) and Isabelle (9) each took to the water at Australian National Barefoot Championships in Victoria last month, where Katrina placed first in Veteran Women’s and Lachlan was selected for the Australian squad.

Barefoot waterskiiers compete in three disciplines – slalom, which involves crossing from one side of the watercourse to the other, tricks, where points are assigned based on difficulty and skill, and jump, which a certain level of ski competency needs to be reached before it can be attempted due to the danger involved.

Additionally, the skiiers are travelling at up to 70km/h, roughly 20km/h faster than traditional waterskiing.

“Most people look at barefoot as only going forwards, but a lot of it is going backwards as well which is a whole other level of difficulty,” Ian explained.

“When it doesn’t work out for you it doesn’t tickle.”

The family has transitioned from their long-term hobby of traditional waterskiing. Iit wouldn’t be a family sport without a bit of friendly competition by driving one another to perform well, while Ian and Lachlan often look to one-up each other.

“I’ve always been the one who did the stupid tricks [in traditional waterskiing],” Ian said.

“I thought ‘let’s go to the next level with this’ and we’ve all jumped on board.

“We’re a family that’s our biggest support of each other, but we’re also our biggest competitors.”

While it’s not a well known sport and it’s not easy, for the Tresidders it’s all about the thrill.

“It’s extremely challenging, but it’s a fairly big adrenaline rush,” Ian said.

“It’s just a real buzz to be able to achieve something every time you go out.”

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