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Fairy floss fanatics ride high on success


Judith and David Kotz have a flair for fairy floss.

With David being a pastry chef, his dream was to open a bakery, however, that required a large chunk of the couple’s savings.

Dedicated to making his fantasy become a reality, Judith had an idea to make extra cash.

“I had a fairy floss machine and I said ‘Let’s get it going and go to the markets to earn a deposit,’ and ‘instead of buying flossine [the premade sugars used by the fairy floss industry], how about we make our own?’” Judith told the Newcastle Weekly.

The result was mind blowing, with their unique creation dancing on the taste buds of locals.

Making their own product with no premade sugars means the husband and wife duo is able to experiment with an array of flavours.

From coffee and pistachio, to lemonade and maple, they’ve now created around 45 different flavours.

The popularity of their product so overwhelming, demand saw them open a store, called ‘The Flossery,’ at Wallsend.

“We were like ‘woah we are onto something here,’” Judith said.

“We got the smallest shop locally, and we thought this way it would not be a big burden if it didn’t survive 12 months but, within two months, we were already too big for it.

“I can’t even put all of my flavours on the shelf.”

The recipe to their success is kept close to their chests; a special concoction only they know, to make a truly unique floss.

But one secret they do share, is that they source their flavourings from around the world.

“America, South Africa, some are sourced locally,” Judith said.

“We went to seven companies to get pineapple and we got it from an Indian company.”

She added each age group had its own favourite that kept it coming back.

‘For young kids, it’s unicorn dreams, bubble gum and apple, for teenagers it’s watermelon, grape and blue cola,” she said.

“For the more mature consumers, it’s devonshire cream, caramel, passionfruit and mango.

“We have our dedicated locals who come in every week to get a treat, it reminds them of their childhood, while we have kids who come in for a treat on the weekend and parents on date night.”

It’s that support that’s seen ‘The Flossery’ move to a bigger premises next door, opening the opportunity for more flavours and fun in the future.

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