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Dynamic duo ready for next adventure after global race


Tim Sattler and Rod Jones are ready to “conquer the world”.

After winning reality television series The Amazing Race Australia last month, the couple feel they can take on anything.

“It sounds silly, but it has changed our lives,” Tim said.

“We’ve come back from the race so different to the people we were before we went on, it’s opened our eyes up to what we’re actually capable of.

“If we’ve done all those crazy challenges and come out of it on top, we can really tackle any challenge together.”

The pair grew up in Lake Macquarie and fell in love in their late 20s.

They decided to apply for The Amazing Race because of their love for reality television.

“We just thought: ‘We’re both in the fittest stage of our lives and we both love reality tv, let’s do it,’” Rod said.

So, after becoming successful applicants, the newlyweds embarked on a 23-day adrenaline-filled race around the globe.

The contest was split into legs throughout several different countries and the teams were tasked with completing challenges, copious amounts of travel, and navigating their way through foreign lands.

They faced mental and physical obstacles almost no one could be prepared for.

Over the course of the competition, participants endured eating tasks, puzzles, bungee jumping, and several other challenges.

Rod said the adrenaline he felt on the show was like nothing else he had ever experienced.

His favourite challenge was in Zimbabwe, where he was thrown face first into a gorge.

“It was the best rush ever,” he said.

Both Tim and Rod said winning the race was an indescribable feeling.

“You just can’t put it into words,” Tim said.

“The adrenaline rush, the feeling of overwhelming joy that is pumping through your veins – I wish I could bottle that few seconds of time up and just relive it over and over and over.

“It will stay in my mind and in my heart until the end of time.”

The duo were handed several additional tasks from other teams as they were perceived as a big threat.

Despite being U-turned, which allows any one team to force another to complete both detour tasks in a leg, they still came out on top, proving they were a strong team.

Competing for $250,000, the boys were determined to try their absolute hardest while challenging perspectives surrounding the LGBTQ+ community.

“We’re literally the first ever legally gay married couple on Australian reality television,” Tim said.

“So, to be on that show was monumental, and then to win it and hopefully change a lot of people’s perspectives on what gay people are, made us feel so happy and proud.”

Tim added that it was uplifting to think about the influence they could have on the nation’s youth. Both he and Rod hope they inspired young people to go after whatever makes them happy in life.

In a true testament to their character, the winning couple immediately decided to donate their prize money to the families of the first two firefighters to lose their lives in Australia’s bushfire crisis.

“Unfortunately, the country is going through turmoil at the moment with all the bushfires and whatnot,” Rod said.

“When those first couple of firies lost their lives, we actually gave $5,000 to the widows.

“We were planning a trip to Bali and then it all started coming out and we were like: ‘It doesn’t feel right to be going on a holiday when there are families struggling so badly at the moment.’”

Tim and Rod have adventurous plans for the future, and they said they’d jump at the opportunity for another adrenaline-filled experience together.

In the coming months, they are hoping to travel to America to get remarried in Vegas and want to go on a second honeymoon at Disney World.

Visit their Instagram profile @timandrod to stay up to date with their adventures.

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