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Dulux 2019 colour forecast

Trending this year are tonal, saturated and contrasting palettes that help to nurture, recharge and empower in the demanding digital age.

Every day, we’re bombarded with new ways to shop, eat, work and be our best selves, and the effect is exhausting.
With so much background noise, it’s easy to lose touch with what’s important.
In response, Dulux predicts that design trends for 2019 will be influenced by a desire for stillness, simplicity and honesty.
Expect to see organic shapes, frayed edges, contrasting textures and repurposed vintage pieces set against a backdrop of earthy neutrals, saturated greens and citrus pops.
The 2019 Dulux Colour Forecast, Filter, is a multi-faceted collection that draws together soothing neutrals, exhilarating brights and deep, decadent hues that hint at the grace of a bygone era. It comprises four carefully curated themes: Repair, Wholeself, Legacy and Identity.


The Repair palette takes its cues from our need to examine our consumption and waste, favouring vintage, sustainable, repurposed and recyclable products. Comprising neutrals alongside dirty greens, yellow and earthy hues of cinnamon and sienna, Repair’s colours exude warmth and a vintage feel.


With an overwhelming need to pare back, digitally-detox and mono-task, rather than multi-task in our busy lives, when at home the Wholeself palette celebrates minimalism through undulating forms. It also details sumptuous texture and block colour of cosy pinks, offset against warm neutrals, golds and mauve-greys.


With a focus on craftsmanship and an improvement in traditional skills, classic forms are envisaged and combined in modern and contemporary surroundings. The result is a nod to the elegant past and present, combining eclectic patterns and block colour. The Legacy palette features saturated colour in warm hues of pale pinks, lilacs and mauves, with accents of red, blue and green to punctuate the scheme.


Welcome to the life of ‘I’, an imaginative frontier inspired by modern multicultural influences including sci-fi fantasy and anti-selfie culture, where we turn our backs on social media’s critical gaze looking to only please ourselves. The Identity palette is all about bold experimentation combining block colour, clashing patterns, texture and mixing gloss levels, resulting in an anything-goes look that is playful, optimistic and youthful. Pale colours are a base for unusual combinations of saturated blue, purple and oranges.

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