DIY Halloween costumes


If you’ve been struggling to make a decision about your 2019 Halloween look, or simply lost track of time, Newcastle Weekly journalist Elizabeth Symington shares 13 easy homemade kids’ costumes for you to try.


Pick your favourite colour, buy some hairspray, coloured clothes and print off a crayon logo.

80s Aerobics Instructor

Buy a bright coloured leotard, tights, some sweat bands and leg warmers, put them all together and you will look like you have come straight from the 80s.


Hang lots of strands of ribbon or crepe paper from an umbrella and hold it above your head.


A classic. All you need is a white sheet or blanket and scissors to cut out some eye holes or a texter to draw on some facial features. (This one also works for dogs – just cut out an extra hole for their snout).


A black and white stripy shirt, black pants and black shoes paired with a black or stripy beanie and eye mask is all this costume needs.

Bunch of Grapes

All this delicious costume needs is some purple or green balloons. Inflate the balloons and staple or attach them to a shirt of the same colour, wear matching pants or tights and you will have yourself a great costume.


A white jumpsuit (or long sleeve shirt and pants) and two large plastic bottles painted silver, with crepe paper or cardboard flames bursting from the spouts. Glue the bottles together and attach them to your back using straps and you’ll have a jet pack ready to take you to the moon.


This one is ridiculously simple, dress completely in black and you’ll be ready.

Superhero in Disguise

Choose a superhero and dress in regular clothing, just pretend that your off duty or in disguise waiting to catch out a villain.


Choose the colour of cat you want to be, wear clothes in this colour, cut out some ears and attach to a headband and draw some whiskers on your face. This idea would also work for some other animals, like a mouse.


A khaki vest and pants, gumboots, a bucket, fishing rod and hat will make for a great costume. Put it all together and you’ll look like you’re fresh of the boat.


The making of this costume is very similar to the bunch of grapes. Wear white clothes and attach some white balloons (for an extra floaty look you could use helium balloons).


This one may be the easiest of the lot, wrap yourself up in bandages and you are done.

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