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Butchers keeping up a Darby Street tradition


When Kyle and Chanelle Carlin took over the Darby Street Quality Meats business seven years ago, they came across an historic photo in the roof that continues to spur them on. 

The black and white image was the shopfront, possibly taken in the 1940s or 50s. 

Some of the building’s railings and original features still adorn its inner workspaces. 

The pair believe the address has been a butchery for almost 100 years. 

“I look at it as if we are now the timekeepers of the business,” Kyle says. 

“We feel like we don’t own it but we’re here for our time and because it was always known to have quality meat, we’ll keep up that reputation, we’ll just do it our way, a new way.” 

Experienced butchers offering good advice, recipe and cut tips and friendly service.

The photo features on the shop’s main inner wall, a sign to loyal Darby Street shoppers that the legacy will continue – a commitment Kyle and Chanelle made after they moved their young family from Bathurst to Newcastle in search of a sea change.  

Bringing with them years of experience in butchery they’ve worked hard to add some unique delicacies and flavours to the highly regarded business.  

Their team of six now work under the business’ distinct turquoise signage and raging bull logo, to bring some of their best cuts, sauces, and dried goods to Darby Street. 

“I love slow-cooked meats,” Kyle says. 

“Briskett or any shoulder meats are brilliant when cooked slowly. Put it on low for a long time in the slow cooker and you’ll find the fat will seep through and tenderise the meat.” 

He’ll never discredit the fast-grilling cuts either. 

“They’re your specialty cuts, like rump steak, scotch fillet and sirloin,” he says.

“We call them ‘sweet cuts’ because they’re considered the best cuts and can be cooked quickly.” 

After welcoming a commercial smokehouse onsite, Darby Street Quality Meats has been fast gaining a reputation for its dried meats, too. 

Beef Jerky, dried offcut rump steak, is produced regularly by Kyle and his team, as is Biltong, a cured, dried meat originating in South Africa.  

Both are full of protein and additive-free, and both are attracting a new age of followers. 

Darby Street Quality Meats sells more than meat products.

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