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Dads encouraged to share their journey


A miscarriage is a devastating loss.

For Lake Macquarie-based dad Nathan Andrews, it was one of the hardest times of his life.

“My partner and I were trying to fall pregnant for about 18 months, and it just wasn’t happening,” he said.

“[When] we finally fell pregnant, we lost the baby within 12 weeks, so we were devastated.

“[I felt like] I didn’t have anyone to talk to – my partner was able to get online and talk to all the girls and other mothers about it, but there wasn’t really anything for me.

“I went into a massive depression and didn’t know who to talk to.”

Nathan struggled with the loss for quite some time but, not long after the miscarriage, his wife, Hannah, fell pregnant.

Their little rainbow baby, Noah, is now three.

In 2018, after finding the strength to move forward, Nathan started a Dads of Newcastle Facebook group to make sure any father who found themselves in a similar situation had a support network to turn to.

“I finally got out of it when my boy was six-months-old,” he said.

“I wish I had someone to talk to [during my struggles], so I started the page.”

The group is for local fathers or fathers-to-be to connect with others.

Nathan with his daughter Ava and son Noah.

Nathan hopes the group helps people who are feeling a bit isolated or depressed and wants to break the stigma around mental health.

“I was pretty loud about how I dealt with everything on the page when I first started,” he said.

“There is light at the end of the tunnel, that’s what I was trying to get across to everyone.

“I want them to know that they are not alone – if they are going through something, they have support.

“No matter how brave a dad looks on the outside, they’ve still gone through it on the inside.”

Nathan believes that most men do not like to speak up, so the group is a safe space for them to be heard and, with almost 700 members, he knows it is working.

He adds the group is about to become extra helpful in his life, as his family prepare to welcome a third child.

Nathan encourages any father to join the group; just search Dads of Newcastle on Facebook.

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