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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Council’s new study to build flood resilient communities

City of Newcastle has engaged specialists to carry out an updated flood study of the Throsby, Styx and Cottage Creek catchments to enhance current floodplain management and mitigate future risks. 

The aim of early engagement is to inform the community of the study, identify concerns and to build on the existing depth of knowledge about flooding in Newcastle by talking to flood-affected residents, businesses and groups.  

Newcastle Deputy Lord mayor Declan Clausen said council was committed to building flood resilient communities for current and future generations and encourages people to share their personal experiences of flooding in their local area. 

“The Newcastle community has experienced the impact and extent of flooding across the LGA (Local Government Area),” he explained.

“It is important flood intelligence from the community is captured and included within the study.

“The results of it will inform the Flood Risk Management Plans and improve the quality of City of Newcastle’s flood risk planning.

“Residents, businesses, and wider community groups are urged to share their personal experiences of flooding in their local area, to deliver the best possible outcomes from the study and to enable smart floodplain management.” 

The Throsby, Styx, and Cottage Creek catchments cover an area of 51 km² across the eastern half of Newcastle’s LGA, generally characterised as land east of John Hunter Hospital. 

“The study aims to define the extent, depth, velocity and flood hazard in those floodplains,” Cr Clausen said. 

“These areas have a long history of flooding and are being investigated as a combined study.

“These catchments are steep around their perimeter, but drain to low-lying, flat areas, where it is difficult for floodwaters to escape.

“These catchments all drain to Newcastle Harbour leaving them prone to inundation during east coast lows when heavy rainfall combines with elevated ocean levels. 

“Updating the Throsby, Styx and Cottage Creek Flood Study is the first step in improving the Flood Risk Management planning for these catchments.” 

City of Newcastle has received grant funding support from the NSW Department of Primary Industry and Environment to complete the Study. 

Visit www.newcastle.nsw.gov.au/yoursay by 5pm Friday 2 July to have your say. 

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