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Sunday, July 25, 2021

Council urges caution as students return to school

Lake Macquarie City Council is reminding the community to take care when driving in school zones as students get ready to return to school this week.

Parents, carers and all road users are being urged to park safely and appropriately when dropping children at school.

Allowing enough time to drive and park legally and obeying signage within school zones will help road users avoid unnecessary risk and fines.

The council’s Manager Environmental Regulation and Compliance, Derek Poulton, said it was important for the community to work together and create a safe environment as students start their final term of the year. 

“Ignoring parking regulations is one of our biggest road safety issues around schools, and it puts our community, in particular children, at risk,” Mr Poulton said.

“Parents may feel rushed during pick-up and drop-off hours at school but, if there are no spaces available to park, look a little further along the road, park and walk to pick up your children.”

Parking restrictions near schools, in place to protect children and pedestrians, include:

  • “No Stopping” zones. These signs let drivers know that stop their vehicle, at any point on the road or kerb, is not allowed.
  • “No Parking” zones. Roadusers must not leave their vehicles parked or unattended in areas marked with these signs. The driver may stop in a “No Parking” zone for a maximum of two minutes, and immediately pick up or set down their child (provided they are no more than three metres from the nearest point of the vehicle).
  • “Kiss and Ride” zones. Some schools have “kiss and ride” or “drop-off and pick-up” zones, which usually have similar rules to “No Parking” zones. If your school has a program in place, remember to always drop off or pick up your child from the designated zone and follow the school’s procedures.
  • Bus Zone. Parents are carers are not allowed to stop their vehicles in this area.
  • Mobility Parking. Only vehicles with a current Mobility Parking Scheme (MPS) permit holder can park in areas, and must display a mobility parking sign. MPS holders must comply with the permit’s conditions of use.
  • Pedestrian and children’s crossings. Vehicles are not permitted to stop within 24 metres before, and 15 metres after, a children’s or pedestrian crossing.

The council’s rangers are patrolling local schools and issuing fines for breaches and offences.

This is in an effort to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all school students, particularly younger children.

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