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Charlotte Thaarup: My Favourite Things


Danish-born Charlotte Thaarup is a passionate educator and coach on all things mindful.

She helps thousands of people from the Hunter, around Australia and internationally, to use the practice of mindfulness to improve their mental wellbeing, to treat their body kindly and enjoy better health, or to create a productive and stress-free work environment.

Charlotte lived in Botswana for a few years as a child and came to Australia through a Rotary Exchange at 18. She lived in various parts of Australia and in London for three years but now calls Newcastle home.

She says that her life experience is what contributes to being a good facilitator and coach.

“When you live with someone close to you being chronically ill, when your parents split up, when you have had an eating disorder, when you have been unemployed and not sure how to pay the bills, when you have been a defence spouse and moved and restarted every two years, and when you are an immigrant without family and life-long friends around – you learn a thing or two.”


There is nothing better than feeling that you can be of service. Right now, Balinese people need our help. They are not just a little inconvenienced by COVID, they don’t have enough food.

We’re donating some proceeds from our programs to help. It feels useful and meaningful to support with money as it does to support someone going through a difficult time.


Wise people, people who think outside our conventional frameworks or make profound observations. “This I know the way to be is like a rose without a reason why.” Einstein (pictured) and Rumi.

“The more you know, the more you know you don’t know.” Aristotle.  “When ambition ends, happiness begins.” Thomas Merton.


I don’t think there is anything more wonderous than a flower. Right now, my gardenias are blooming, each one a little miracle. And the jacarandas are so glorious.


Whatever connects me with the extraordinary within the ordinary. A sweeping landscape, kindness, tenderness, a surprise just to delight, the purring of the cat, the delight of a dog, the smell of sundried washing.  And tea. I love warm, exotic, brews from far away leaves. 


Connecting with family and friends. 

My parents, siblings and extended family all still live in Denmark. Most years it means a trip back to spend time and they are delicious times filled with rich conversation, much walking, sightseeing, good food and nature. And a bit of shopping.

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